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The old traveller exploded one day while sailing as it was so old the plastic sheaves just gave out.  the new Harken 4:1 windward sheeting car traveler was installed 
Radar arch and pushpit
  The stern push pit was removed and a new one was fabricated out of 1 inch tubing and 1 1/4 tubing for the arch.  By incorporating the arch I was able to fill 24 holes in the deck and get the VHF, AM-FM antenna and lights off the deck and onto the arch.  An 80 watt solar panel will be installed on the arch along with the antennas. An anchor tube was also filled in with fibreglass epoxy and cloth as it was located right over the engine blower.

The Teak cockpit boards were there when I bought the boat so they were repaired, sanded and painted with Cetol. 

The self tailing winches were purchased used and have made sailed short handed a breeze.

New ladder was made with 1 inch tubing instead of original 7/8 which was bending from the weight of people climbing the ladder. New stand offs.
Starboard like material installed on welded on tangs to stairs 
44 Years of bottom anti fouling was starting to add up. some places starting looking like the craters of the moon with all colors of the rainbow showing layer by layer.  A number of us at the sailing club got together and had our boats sandblasted down to the Gel coat.  Some of the boats has to have the blasting done past the gel coat due to blisters.  No blisters on Lady Hamilton which goes to show the fiberglass techniques of the 60's and 70's wasn't that bad. I also have no spider cracks anywhere on deck.  the only thing I will have to do is fill in some imperfections that look as if they were from the moulds. Looks like voids and bubbles from when the resin was off gassing. Probably laid up too fast and too thick and the heat built up causing the gassing. I have had the same problem when I rush some of my fiberglass jobs.  You can see the lead and the light brown filler material used to fair the keel.  Al in all I am very pleased.
The three round tubes under the keel used to support the boat but where a couple of inched from the ground and were bending under the weight which caused the boat to be over a foot down in the bow and not level.  I purchased 4x4 steel square tube and 8 inch C channel and welded it under the cradle. the keel now sit on  the C channel which sits on the 4x4 tube that now sits on the ground supporting the boat in a level stance. ( it was under $300 for all the steel cut to my measurements and $70. for the rental of the welder for the day.) and a can of Tremclad paint.