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Lady Hamilton is a 1970(?) Hughes 29 Hull # 052 built by HUGHES BOAT WORKS LIMITED which was located at Huron Park, Ontario.  According to Howard Hughes over 200 Hughes 29's were built with a few being built and sold as kit/owner completed boats. These boats where made from 1968 with the last ones being built in 1973 by United States Steel Corporation after Howard and Peter left the company.
hughes logohughes side logo
The plastic/tarp sunshade is going to be upgraded to a sunbrella boom tent connecting to the arch These are the side logos for the Hughes 29 on the cabin side near the cockpit. One on right is original and the left I added the 29.  These were tracings off a boat from John Bassett who owned a Hughes 26. (click on them and they will link to a .doc which when printed will be actual size.)
    Nice bottom. This is 2005 Fall lift out
Beer Can Racing Lake Simcoe  
Original sail shown is a 176% Genoa. From the photo you can see that I am unable to trim it properly and I am using blocks well aft of the Genoa track.  In 2009 I purchased a new 155% from Shoreline Sails in Toronto (Rolly Tasker Sails) which made such a huge difference with less heeling, weather helm and speed which increased now that the sail could be trimmed efficiently.