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Mainsheet traveler  
Pieces of the mainsheet traveller started exploding into little pieces one day while Holly and I were sailing in 15+ knot winds with the rail almost in the water. Time for another upgrade.  A Harkin 4:1 ball bearing traveller was purchased and a new piece of oak was contoured to fit the curves in the cockpit seats.  The traveller was mounted on the oak and fastened through the seats with aluminium plates for backing. The oak was there only to make up for the uneven surface as the traveller was self supporting when it came to bridging the two seats.

When the traveller was removed more rot was found on both seats. (I don't think anything on the boat was ever re-bedded)  The rot was dug out and replaced with solid fibreglass with micro balloons.

Rudder repair  
When painting the bottom in the spring I noticed water coming from two areas on the starboard side of the rudder.  After drilling and removing the coring ( only a very small area was cored and the rest was solid fibreglass) I saw the ends of the vertical rudder post and the end of the horizontal post coming off the vertical post.  I am assuming the some stress was put on the rudder to flex it enough to push the ends of the tubes on the fibreglass causing it to crack allowing water to enter.  The areas were cleaned and filled with WEST System epoxy and micro balloons.
Solid lifelines at cockpit  
Solid life lines to the first stanchion base.  I am going to put netting around to keep the dog from becoming shark bait. The line attached now is just for planning the lifelines and is only temporary.