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Companionway hatch
Bugs and water were getting in the old hatch that slid on teak rails.  I could get most of my hand through the gaps.  I copied the C&C design from a boat in the club. Stainless Steel Outfitters made the rails to my dimensions.  I had to level off the side pylons with epoxy so the rails would sit flat. I also built up the front area so water does not splash into the cabin. I had ordered a 1/2 inch piece of smoked acrylic but the acrylic place messed up my order 3 times so instead of waiting another month or two I made the hatch out of 3/4 plywood of starboard runners. The plywood turned out to be stronger (you can step on it).  The teak pulls and splash guards still have to be installed.
The upper picture shows the plywood prototype. the plywood was encapsulated in epoxy resin although with contraction and expansion of the wood cracks formed in the paint and water got under the paint and lifted it, It peeled off.  This hatch is 3/4 inch Starboard so no paint, more stable, waterproof and strong. Hatch is shown with teak trim. Stainless splash guard still to be added when I get it made for along the front edge.
Turnbuckle guard
I made turnbuckle guards to prevent the lines from snagging.  It was 4 inches of water pipe ( going to use white when I find some) I slit it lengthwise and slipped it over the shrouds.  As you can see no more snags.
I love flying the Asymmetrical spinnaker but from the stem plate the tack line was inside the bow pulpit and I had to use a form of tacker around the furled Genoa.  I wanted it clear of the pulpit and anchor and hopefully in the future I will have a furling system for the spinnaker so that I can deploy and furl single handed.  Anchor roller and then the bowsprit modification was all done by Stainless Outfitters in Barrie.
Another picture showing the addition/modification to the existing anchor roller with 3/16 SS adjustable bobstay
Main port bulkhead  
I decided to take the Formica off the walls in the head and when I removed it off the bulkhead the bottom was rotted away from water intrusion from the leaking chain plates and the hole in the cabin top where the wiring for the mast went through the deck beside the mast step. The bulkhead was made up of 1/8 inch mahogany glued to both sides of 1/2 inch plywood.
A new piece of 3/4 mahogany plywood was cut to replace the original and bolted into place.
2:1 main halyard conversion  
Purchased a Wichard 2:1 halyard shackle.  Used the shackle as opposed to a block as the shackle is more compact because I do not have the space between the top of the headboard and the mast sheave.
With this shackle I am able to pull up and tension the main without the use of the winch most of the time (only needs a 1/2 turn on the winch when lazy)